cheap broadband with no contracts?

    was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for someone who already has a BT line, enabled for adsl, who wants to get dirt cheap (
    download limits is ok, 2gb would be nice, which i think is about the standard.

    have come across metronet (between £11.75 and £13.75 for 419mb and 2gb download limits, respectively) and prodigy networks (14.99 for 2gb).



    Hi Chamelion, i dont know if this helps but go to this link and you can Select up to 6 ISPs to compare.
    I tried this and it does help you choose which one is the best for you, then once you have selected to compare (max 6) click on the the broadband provider you like and it will give you all the information you need.

    hope this is helpful


    i've been with and they have been great

    never paid a setup fee, even when moving house (which bt charge i believe) twice.

    i pay 17.99 / month for 6gb. i was on 1mb line, but now on adsl max which is up to 6mbps but only just moved on that and not seen any difference in speed

    their customer service has improved a lot while i've been with them.

    there is a cheaper option for less mb per month, check the website for more details
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