Cheap budget Samsung phone?

Found 20th Nov 2017
I always want the S8 but I can’t afford it
And my price range is under £150 or even better under £100 does anyone know any good Samsung phones that is around my price range? I really appreciate the help!

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The Nokia 5 looks really good for the price. Not Samsung but I don't see why you're limiting yourself there.…611

Mortgage free
driving a merc

Cant afford a phone around £150....


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derekduggan24 m ago freedriving … freedriving a mercCant afford a phone around £150....FAKE NEWS!!

That doesn’t mean anything but yeah you could say it’s fake news. I don’t want to spend £800 on a phone. Just FYI I didn’t buy the Merc Immactually saving up for something else now lol. Hence the budget.

P8 lite 149.99 at carphone. Far better phone than the equivalent shamsung model

Up your budget to around £160 and look for a Samsung S6 used in Facebook market place or shpock.

Great phone and the price is really low for such a device.
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