Cheap but decent PC/laptop webcam?

    Hi all...

    My nan has recently had a new laptop, and I want to get her a webcam for use with Skype to talk to the rest of the family.

    She won't need an amazing quality one but will need one that will sit nicely on the top of the laptop.

    I've seen a PC World/PC Line branded one for £5.99. Not sure if it's any good.

    Any input or findings would be awesomely appreciated!

    Thanks! =]


    Sorry forget cheap, you quality not low cost this best camera for skype…059

    You need any camera from Logitech Quickcam Range. You be wasting your dosh otherwise

    I've had a quick scout around the net for you, can't seem to find much else around that price.....

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your input guys! So if I want cheap but naff quality, go for the PC Line model, or there's a Technika one in Tesco. But if I want at least decent quality then I need a Logitech.

    Speaking of Tesco, I also came across this:…am-

    What's different about this compared to the 3000 model on eBuyer??

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