Cheap but Decent Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Found 8th Aug 2017
So i have seen Thermostatic mixer shows on Amazon but i see some people saying they only last a dew months.

Has anyone bought a not to expensive one and its doing ok?
As i don't want to spend silly money as there all similar a tap to a hose...

I have seen a basic one from Screwfix (5 year warranty) and another from Toolstation.

Anyone have any similar experience in buying a Thermostaic Mixer Shower?
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I've got two thermostatic showers in my house and I haven't had any issues with either. The one in the ensuite is a Mira. The one in the bathroom was one my plumber supplied. I don't know the make but it was only about £100 and it works just fine.
I've used a couple of the cheap (£50) bar thermostatic mixer valves and they have worked perfectly fine.
Don't get carried away with the warranty side because the No1 thing that will kill your mixer over time is limescale and the warranty won't cover that.
The beauty of the bar mixers is their standardised fixings, so replacing one takes about 5 minutes. Makes it simple and cheap to throw away and start again after a few years if necessary.
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