Cheap but reliable Computer and monitor for internet & emails mainly

    Shortly moving into premises for our online shop and need to get a cheap deal as above. Will update the website but most of that will be done separately. Wondering whether it would be better to get a laptop so can take away every night but desktops much cheaper?



    If its just for internet, try looking at one of those asus lappys. They are around the £170 mark at the mo, and are designed for internet and email use. They dont have a hard drive, but work on a largish flash drive for storage, it will store your music collection, photos, and bits and bobs you need quite well. If the capacity is too small, you can plug in additional flash drives.

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    Thanks Foosball Chum. I'll take a look. Probably will want a hard drive to store customer information but that shouldn't add too much to the cost.
    Why wouldn't you use Pixmania? Used them before and they were o.k. - annoyed with myself though that I paid more for their VIP card and never used it!
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