Cheap C5 'Peel n Seal' envelopes (padded and non padded)

    Anyone know where to get these quite cheap? I've looked around shops and they do seem to be quite expensive... any suggestions anyone?


    what size is c5 as i get all my envelopes from poundland unless im desperate and cant get there

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    DVD sized. or slightly bigger. i'm thinking about just ordering loads from ebay...

    let me check if dvd fits

    i get 10 small which is like a cm too small for a dvd for £1 and 6 medium for a £1 . The medium are great sent a 4 disc dvd in one just recently i dont know how that compares to ebay. these are padded btw.

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    ahh, on ebay you can get a pack of 50 for around £6.40. will check out my local 99p store and compare prices. thanks for the help diva

    yvw hun, maybe to be sure take a dvd box along with you buy a packet and check b4 you buy anymore


    Try complete office supplies, they will do a great rate on bulk supplies (even one offs)

    The works had 25 C5 non-padded envelopes for 99p

    Woolworths or
    The Works :thumbsup:
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