Cheap Calendars?

    hi there, looking for a cheap calendar, ie. Beckham, Robbie or the's for the girl, honest!!:oops:
    Anyway, thanks for any help!:)


    Here's a link to some on ][COLOR=blue]CDWow[/COLOR]that might be worth a browse.

    Welcome to HUKD gazcoign

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    Cheers emma!

    Amazon? Think I saw something there! I'll check now!

    There are quite a lot of reductions on the high street at the moment. WHSmith, Woolies, supermarkets - but I suppose to a degree its a matter of luck what is left and where....

    None of the ones you mentioned, but if Brad Pitt or George Clooney is what you are after, then amazon is the place!

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    Cheers for the help folks, seaching as we speak. Robbie is easy to find, but Beck's is playing hard too get! have Becks in at £5.99 (bit less than LA paid for him), but there's no picture so it could well be hideous (guaranteed as it's Beckham). I'm not bitter....

    "Birthdays" stores have all calendars reduced to a £1.00 regardless of original price.

    sorry to hijack anyone know any cheap places selling keeley hazzell (?) calendars or lucy pinder ? thanks
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