Cheap Calls to Isle of Man Mobile?

Found 2nd Mar 2012
I've got a friend who moved to the Isle of Man who I want to be able to call but most companies won't let you call the Isle of Man out of your included minutes.
Does anyone know any companies offering cheap rates to call a Isle of Man Mobile from a UK mobile?

Before anyone mentions it Skype isn't an option sadly as she doesn't have internet at the moment.
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Hi, I live on the IoM and unfortunately never heard of anyone offering cheap rates. Obviously landlines are cheaper if that's an option?
If your friend doesn't currently possess a landline then I'd suggest you post a request on MSE's Mobile Phones board.

On GiffGaff calls/texts to isle of man are taken from goodybag allowance/standard credit i.e. 6p per text or 10p per min.
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