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Posted 25th Apr 2010
Just want to give people some advice to get a quote from Aviva for car insurance. I tried getting quotes from the usual; go compare, compare the market, confused, moneysavingexpert etc... and the prices all seemed to be around the same price. Its like those sites work together as they offer similar priced offers from the same insurers!

In my situation/car/age i got quotes of around £1200 - £1400 from the above sites however i got a £760 quote from aviva. well worth getting an online quote from them.
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why would the prices on different comparison sites be massively different:S:S:S at the end of the day all they are there to do is show u a load of prices at one time, what a daft thing to say
If you follow the advice on you can use the comparison sites to find the best price. Clear all your cookies then go thru quidco or another cashback site.

I got mine from Aviva thru Quidco, insurance fine and very inexpensive, still waiting for quidco to track though. But when it does I will get £75 back (think its dropped to £70 now).
I got a bad quote from Aviva. I guess that shows...well, nothing really.
My Aviva quote was £200 more and that included a months free. Direct line was also dearer by quite a bit as well.
Every case is different which is why i suppose insurance could never be a good deal for everyone.

Never had a good deal through Quidco either.
for the last few years i have bought cars from Evans Halshaw ( reg vardy ) and they do a free 7 day cover note through Aviva ( norwich union ) and they have ALWAYS been £400 more expensive than my own insurance companies... i am currently with Swinton Insurance - broked to Fortis insurance and i can;t find cheaper than them ...
I would avoid aviva, my dad was getting a quote of them for his new car and he told them exactly what he had with his policy from Churchill and they said they matched the policy and they could do it £200 cheaper. Turned out the person on the other end of the phone didn't include all of the stuff on the policy and was very pushy trying to make a sale so make sure you double check any policy from them

they also have an Indian call centre which is useless and the staff find it hard to understand any questions as typical outsourced call centre

ended up going with the rac as came in £100 cheaper than churchill and got free uk wide breakdown cover with the policy
I found Aviva expensive too

I got a renewal quote of £910 from Elephant, cheapest I could find on Moneysupermarket, etc was over £1000 and then I got a quote from another comparison site for £708 from Admiral
I find Aviva Great when they do the 12 months for 10 offer
but check the excess on the quotes carefully - some are HUGE
mine is now £100
I saved over £100 by using Co-Op Car Insurance.
Your Quote:£1855.00 Per Month:£212.81

I currently pay £283 a year.

Insurance companies have their own idea of a perfect customer, if thats not you look above, I've held my license for 5 years with 5 years no claims?, this is why comparison sites rule imo.
I bought our house insurance through this mob and via Topcashback 7 months ago.

Despite it tracking fine, I'm continually told to "wait another month".

Just hope I never need to made a claim, though needless to say, their lack of urgency has ensured I use someone else in 5 months regardless.
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