Cheap car insurance for young drivers?

Found 25th Oct 2017
Looking for any cheapish car insurance for young drivers? Im 19 and only passed 5 months ago and insurance is really high. Any reccomendations?
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Look for insurers who you can get a box installed in your car (I forget what it's called - telematics?)
it basically records your driving and if you're deemed to be rated a good driver it will help reduce your premium
As above , black box and add your parents as additional drivers on your policy
Have you tried a price comparison site load about? Don't expect the black box to save you loads. You can thank the government for creating a law that enables companies to make billions.
Some of the ones that install the box you only have to have it 3 months. It doesn’t bring it down as much as you’d think putting your parents on as named drivers usually works to bring it down more
Its very high im afraid. Add your family member as first or second driver.
Have you tried Marmalade ? They specialise inyoung/learner and newly qualified drivers.
No one can really recommend a specific company because everyone's situation is different, you have to use comparison sites to find the best deal for yourself. If you haven't got a car yet you could try a few number plates from auto trader to get an idea of a cheap car to insure.
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