Cheap car insurance - help needed?

    Anyone know of any good cheap insurance sites?

    Tried all the comparison sites and was wondering if anyone knew of any insurers not on comparison sites.

    Passed my test a month ago and the cheapest I've found is £1300 for my KA.

    Pretty expensive considering I'm a 23 year old female!

    Help will be appreciated and repped!


    and tescocompare

    This year my insurance was cheapest with swift cover and I got good cashback with it too. They don't post out your documents, you print them off, so saving money.

    i went through Quidco last week and got an excellent quote with Hastings Direct plus £60 cashback that will be paid in a couple of months. Only paid £150 for the year and will be getting £60 back I know I am slightly older than you and been driving longer, but it may be worth a search. Plus I drive a KA too

    I thought the insurance group Sheila's Wheels did cheap car insurance for females .

    Also,its worth adding an experienced driver to your policy,preferrably one who has a decent no claims history:)

    admirel has always come out cheapest for me

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    Thanks guys will try those out now.

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    No luck with any of those


    Get married brought my insurance down.


    Get married brought my insurance down.

    Wow, that's helpful. :?

    Virgin were cheapest for my 19 year old, and she paid by interest free credit.



    Wow, that's helpful. :?

    more helpful than your post perhaps?

    to make this one helpful....

    add your mum/dad as a named driver (not the main driver) just add them or your boyfriend if he's got a lot of no claims bonus.

    OP is that fully comp?

    I'm 23 drive a fiesta and mines 293 tp/f/t and about 100 more for fully comp

    Thats swinton btw

    Try co-op insurance, they were cheapest for me by £50 and that includes gocompare etc

    I searched everywhere for my insurance this year, and after informing Lloyds they could shove their offer when the sun doesn't shine, I ended up renewing with them as all the others were worse! :thinking:

    Male / 24 / 7 years no claims. Was around £350, more than last year with more no claims. Work that one out.

    You could always get your insurance under an older driver? Loads of people do it, even though I will start the whiter than white off on here by mentioning it!!

    Churchill ?:thumbsup:

    Try they were good for my daughter. She is 18 and drives a peugeot 106 third party and her premium was £800 when she passed a year ago and its now come down to £600.

    I went with aviva they were £100 cheaper than anyone on the comparison websites (with £60 quidco which has been paid) the others were all quoting ridiculous amounts just because I now have 3 points for speeding!!! That said I am significantly older than you but it is worth a look. Hope that helps xx

    For me the comparison sites have always been cheaper than any direct insurers or cashback deals. Aviva for me where £200 dearer and that included the special offer they were running at the time.All you can do is blitz the insurers unfortuantley 23 is still classed as quite young and inexperienced for insurance companies.


    You could always get your insurance under an older driver? Loads of … You could always get your insurance under an older driver? Loads of people do it, even though I will start the whiter than white off on here by mentioning it!!

    There's nothing wrong with that as long as you tell the insurance company who the main driver is. Otherwise, you'll probably find you're not insured and a bad accident could cost an awful lot of money.

    Direct Line can be cheap for young drivers but it depends on postcodes. If one insurance company was always cheaper then the others would eventually go out of business and this hasn't happened. Sometimes it's actually worthwhile tracking down a local insurance broker as they should know who offers good deals in their area.
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