cheap car stereo, my car just got broken into!!

    i left my stereo in the car and it bloody got broken into!! now need to replace it, anyone know where i can find a decent one at a low price??


    Hi, When that happened to me I got one for £40 from Aldi, its CD MP3 with USB and MP3 player inputs. Works fine for me. Know a few other people i recommended it to like it as well. They dont always have them in but is usually something they have often. Its made by Tevion. They have a similar one at maplin for £50…t15
    Or get one with Bluetooth as well so you can use it as handsfree for £60 just no USB…t15
    I've not tried the maplin ones but the £40 at Aldi can not be beat!

    Hope this helps

    I got my wife an Eltax CR 660 from ebuyer for about £50 - has face off, SD/MMC and USB so you can keep your tracks on a SD card or usb stick (no need to keep cd's in car).

    Or Maplin have similar in stock if you want to collect from a store near you

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    thankyou will look at ebuyer now, site was crashing on me

    One of these?…940

    Also, you can buy a screen and use it as a DVD player too!

    my wife's is an eltax, but it seems that they are in short supply.

    They were mentioned on here - perhaps that is why!

    Try aldi stores. 40 quid for a mp3, usb, sd, cd player
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