cheap car wanted

cheap car wanted too run......maust be good mpg 50+ cheap insurance....cheap tax banding a brucie bonus...can anyone help me?any ideas prices...what you got?no anyone selling a car?or could be online rep given too anyone that can help cheers


i have a suzuki swift. May not be your type of car but i love it. cheap on petrol, cheap insurance and lowest tax

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what cc is it?how much is tax on it for the year?how many miles to the tank do u get for how much money is a full tank....how old is it and how much u sellin it for?

Where are you? I have a Daewoo Matiz you can have for 200 quid?

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in basingstoke...can u tell me abit about it mot?tax?year?etc cheers

I was looking for something similar and ended up buying a new Fiesta, part of Ford's Econetiq range.

It's a 1.6 Diesel and does average 500 miles a tank city driving, and only costs me about £35 - £40 to fill (diesels going up with petrol).
Insurance is dirt cheap, and road tax couldn't be any cheaper as I don't pay any cause the cars emissions are so low.

Works out cheaper for me in the long run even though I'm paying a wee bit more a month for the actual car than my last one.

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mmmmm how much for the car dont no if i really wanna that much on one if you no what i mean.....
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