Cheap cardboard boxes?

Found 14th Jul
Hi everyone

Looking to do a house move. Need a selection of boxes including some wardrobe boxes. We are moving to a new house without furniture - we sold our house with it included.

Any recommendations for cheap boxes or moving tips without furniture, particularly cheap wardrobe alternatives whilst we shop for new ones!?

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Supermarkets, I know Tesco give free cardboard boxes to customers if you ask nicely. Customers asked all the time.
Last month as I was walking into Tesco I saw a guy walking out with a stack of empty folded boxes.
Morrisons have a lot usually
My local pub gave me boxes for my last move.
Food places will have lots eg Burger King McDonald’s etc
Ask on Freecycle or maybe Gumtree, someone close by may have some left over from a recent move.
B&m have best boxes as double walled and most are big. Go just before it shuts you'll get more then. Also Lidl when they have specials on. Go Friday afternoon or Saturday morning
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I’d second gumtree for cardboard boxes.
With regard to cheap temporary wardrobes, I’d recommend some fabric covered hanging rails like these from Argos (white £18.99, black £21.99). Although they are lightweight they are sturdy enough and easy to assemble. As the bottom remains open you could put plastic storage boxes on the floor inside to stores your shoes as well.
Most self store places have good quality and reasonably priced boxes.
Thanks for your help everyone
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