Cheap case for SLR Canon 400d

    Seasons Greetings all,

    My g/f got me my first SLR for my B-day.

    Now I'm looking for a case for it

    Needs to be small and quick to use, only have one lens at the moment.

    I was looking at the lowepro revo 160 but the amazon price went from £9.99 to £19.99 to £51!!!

    Any recommendations? Any decent offers on?


    Lowepro slingshot 200aw is what I have.
    Great bag, plenty of space for upgrading.
    Check it out here…50d

    Original Poster

    Hmmm...nice looking bag (cheapest I can find it for is £30 on fleabay) but its significantly bigger than I need.

    I was thinking of getting as small as I can then getting another bigger bag (like the 200) when I justify it.

    Best just getting a bag that size to start.
    It isn't that big to be honest and will last you a lifetime.
    You will be well pleased and will save you buying two bags in the long run.
    Will take a picture with an xbox case beside it for sizing purposes
    2 secs.:thumbsup:

    Lowepro on flickr loaded with someones kit.
    Couldn't be bothered going back through to bedroom and getting bag out again and opening it up lol.

    Also like the way you can sling a lowepro over shoulder and bring bag round front to get camera out.:thumbsup:
    Info ]Clicky

    Original Poster

    just been looking at the sligshot in town - impressed, gunna go for it.

    Thanks for advice!
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