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Found 24th Jul 2007
Im looking for a cheap cctv set, we want at least 2 cameras. Ive seen the ones in argos, anyone got any ideas where to get a set?
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anyone? or can anyone give me advice on how good the argos ones are.
Thanx in advance.
My mate bought a set up from Maplins (instore I think),Can't remember how much it was,wasn't expensive tho.Quality is actually surprisingly good (even in low light conditions).Could find out what make it is if you wanted.
Thats a good pointer pete_21

Maplin's CCTV offers here
Have you tried Screwfix they do some great sets

Whoever you choose to buy from be sure it's not SCT LTD as their customer service and help line is a waste of time. I contacted them last week by phone and was told to email them and have still not got a reply, and i have emailed them 3 times.
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