Cheap clean hostel in New York

    Does anyone know of a hostel that is cheap (cheaper than 320 quid for 4nights with 2 people in a double bedroom) and SOUTH of Central park>? The Latham hotel is the best i can find at for the following dates : 18 Oct for 4 nights checking out 22nd October this year.

    Thanks, I have had a lot of great repsonses for help in the past on this website. HUKD rocks.


    Two great sites I use are and both charge per room not per person. Hotwire is currently listing 2 four stat hotels in the theatre district of New York 1 @ $209 and the other $216 plus some charges. As a rule of thumb when I go I budget around £100 per night. Another point to consider is Hotwire bill in US dollars and as the dollar is just under $2 to the £ excellent value (or that might be the other way around £1 = $1.99). One other good site to look at is ]http//ww…com . This keeps track of all winning bids placed on Priceline. Remember your hotel is just that so long as you have hot water clean linnes and flushing lou location should be a second choice as everthing is within walking distance, or a subway ride. enjoy.

    Hostel or hotel?

    320 quid for 4 nights in a HOSTEL would be expensive, whereas 4 nights in a HOTEL for 320 quid would be about averaging middle-price.

    I stayed in a very pleasant hostel for 8 nights west of central park on 103rd street at 32 dollars per night.

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    No i mean HOSTEL. I am worried about most places being "shared bath" - what the hell?

    I think for a hostel, just a bed and a shower nothing fancy shouldnt be more than 60 quid a night, but am struglling to find that not in the dingiest parts of New York.

    [SIZE=2]You'll be lucky to find a hostel that has a double room only. Most hostels are geared towards travellers and have dorms instead of rooms - I stayed in an 8-bed dorm (4 bunk beds) in Barcelona in February, cost me £41 for 4 nights (just over a tenner a night).[/SIZE]

    if you can get them try the Radio City Apartments - right next to times square and by the rockerfella centre.

    unbeliveable value for money.

    i paid £240 for 5 nights there in February 2006.for 2 people , had a lovely room - no sharing.

    ideal location - fantastic place.

    better than many higher rated hotels that i have been too.

    i will be staying there again on my next trip.

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    FGEvans - can u tell me how you managed to get that price?? Going to their website the best bet I got from them for 4 days was $820...ouch.

    I've stayed in the YMCA Westside Y in West 63rd St. 1 minute walk to Central Park & 5 min from Columbus Circle subway stop.

    I've stayed there 4 times. I've only ever stayed in a single room or a double bedroom. Although availability on these is low. This Y is family orientated and as such it does not fit the stereotype that YMCA seems to have in some quarters. I never saw a member of Village People the whole time I was there!
    They do have some rooms that have ensuite facilities but not many available.

    When it comes to Westside Y, the shared bathroom deal is as follows.

    1 mens bathroom & 1 womens bathroom on each floor.
    The womens bathroom can only be accessed by a coded number pad on the door. The codes are changed on a regular basis. There are 3 toilet cubicles. Three hand basins. Three individual shower areas - each shower has it's own curtain. It's more like a leisure centre setup.

    There is a cafe on the ground floor open till midnight.

    The Westside is so handy for the subway get on at Columbas Circle or 66th St and the Red 1/9 line takes you down as far as South Ferry. Get the Staten Island Ferry - it's free!! Do this at night for the best picture postcard view of New York that you will ever see in your life.

    I've been 4 times & each time I've stayed in Westside YMCA. I've usually stayed around 10 nights so a hotel rate is extortionate - I'd rather spend my pennies on the town. If you are a member of the Youth Hostel Assoc , you used to get a discount. Not sure if this is still the case.

    The person who recommended Westside Y to me also warned me NOT to stay in the other YMCA's in New York - she said that she didn't feel safe.

    If you are looking for the ensuite facilities - email them first or ring them. They never seem to have these rooms available online but if you ring them or email I've never been disappointed. [url][/url] - Remember they are 5hrs behind UK time.

    Hope this helps - enjoy your trip. Hope you aren't going in July or August - the heat is stifling.

    google the chelsea international hostel
    great prices and they do double and quad rooms.
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