Cheap coachs to London(also want to know)

    Im after going to London, in a few months and want to know what is the cheapest coach service i can get to there. Aswell as cheapish hotels in London, as i am only a teenager, i do not want to pay stupid prices, also hotels that will take teenagers between 18 - 20, without adults, although we are classed as adultds, some places wont take people this age without adults (would i be better booking through a travel agents or doing it alone, as it would be my first trip alone i wouldent want it messing up)



    megabus mate, depending on where you are travelling from

    national express of ya book far enough in front :-D

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    ooo forgot to add that in, travling from North East, Middlesbrough or Stockton area

    national express do seats from £1 if booked loads in advance [URL=""][/URL]:thumbsup:

    Either National Express Or Megabus.

    Or you may be able to get a cheap fare on a National Express East Coast train service down.

    Um dont know if youth hostels are of any use :? cause i is waaaaay passed youth LoL :oops:

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    Thanks for the help with coaches
    Anyone know any websites where i can check out hotels in London?

    Travelodge may be your best bet dependent on dates.

    Not a great read but if you buy the express or daily mail on saturday there are always loads of hotel offers in decent places. Whatever you do though, don't get hypnotised by the right wing nonsense parading as " stories". Use it for cat litter instead:whistling::whistling:

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    Thanks everyone

    there is this bit i have been thinking about, should i book it thorugh a travel agents (like book coach and hotel with them) or do it all by my self
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