Cheap .com domain registrar with whois privacy.

Found 13th Mar 2009
Further from my previous post for a (went with 123-reg) i'm now looking for a cheap .com registrar which includes whois privacy.
All comments / suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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A friend recommends ]namecheap...

Original Poster

Thanks for the suggestions.
I was hoping for something a bit cheaper though as i don't know if i'll be renewing the dotcom if it doesnt really take off.
Anyone have any thoughts on netfirms?

Original Poster

Now looking at as they're uk based, anyone experienced them?

I think you get whois privacy with all registrars, you just have to click the stay private option dont you??

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That's only for .uk domain names.
For .com you need to use an additional whois privacy service.

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Went with netfirms in the end.
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