Cheap computer for little cousins

Promised them a decent PC - tower only as they have a monitor from thier old slooooooow PC. Spending about 50 quid. Shocked at how little 50 quid will go on ebay and loot! Was going to make this for about 90 quid:

Casecom KL-9666 Grey/Silver ATX Midi Tower Case - With 350W PSU

Optiarc AD-5200A-01 20X DVD?RW/DL Int IDE Bare Beige Drive - OEM

Kingston KVR667D2N5/1G Valueram Computer Memory 1GB PC5300 DDR2 667MHz 240 Pin Dimm
£12.99 Free Delivery

ASUS K8V-VM SKT 754 onboard VGA 6 channel audio mATX Motherboard

AMD Sempron 3000+ Socket 754 SDA3000AIO2BX 1.8Ghz OEM Processor

No keyboard, mouse, hard drive etc needed (coming from old pc) comes to £86.25

Anyone got a better spec old PC to sell me for less than the above :-) Ok that's being cheeky, but does anyone know how i can get the price down on that? Have i missed anything?


I dont know if this helps but we bought an imac g3 off ebay for £30 delivered for our 6 year old( his sister got a new g5 for christmas which is fab but at £760 it 25x the price of her brothers but not 25x better!, its not hughly slow, its installed with tiger and has quite a few features, itunes iphot etc good for little ones:)

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Didn't really think of it myself. I know 500mhz goes a lot furthur in a MAC than a PC. But i think a PC is more what they need. Thanks for that, really appreciated it.
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