cheap contract for uni

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Found 17th Aug 2007
Got in Uni, and basically after a cheap ****** phone on contract, that can provide me with a decent amount of minutes.
Texts are not needed as i have a o2 genie sim with 300 texts.

Id be looking around £10-£15 maximum.



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See if you can get a contract with stop the clock on voda for a price that u feel is acceptable.

You can talk for an hour, and it only uses 3 mins of your inclusive minutes, so using this, you can lever a lot of minutes.

o2 do sim free deals for about £15 you could pick up a cheap payg or if you have one and its pretty good or get a cash back deal and hope the money back coinsides with when your skint

This is the best deal i have found, it was the one i took up


Only with the LG U300 phone you get half price for the duration of the plan, with others you get various amounts of months half price; but its cheap and should have more minutes and texts that you need.

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i mean ive found that, but you have to pay £30 a month then get cash back, is there not any that you can just pay £10ish a month, no cashbacks?

Cheers for the other responses

EDIT:! Also can it please be a 12month, no 18month cheers

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Threes £15 Video Talk 500 might be up your street: threestore.three.co.uk/pla…rue

500mins and no txts! There is Quidco available, £30 Recommend a friend (pm me if you don't know anyone on three). theres also a code to get a free bluetooth headset.

Also handy feature for all students is that you get free windows live messenger on your handset aswell! Best thing about three is you can check your available minutes live, so you can easily manage your spending! Also the recommend a friend scheme is great for earning cash off your bill, plenty of students at uni looking for the best deals!

Or you could go for the £15 talker tariff which has 250 mins and 50 txts:
]http//th…rue, has a much better range of handsets (the 6120 is quite smart).

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yeah jakaraka thats the sorta thing, just its 18month, i dont particularly want to be tie up for 18months. I know you can get out of it, but you know.

you'll be lucky to find a tariff that low that gives you a handset and for £10-£15 on a 12 month contract, o2 offer ther "simplicity tariffs" but thers no new handset. they offer 200 UK minutes and 400 UK texts each month for £15 p/m:

I was also a bit wary getting into a 18 month contract (was previously with 02 for 4 yrs on 12month contracts, left them because they just weren't competitive enough!), but it seems the norm these days if you want the cheapest deals!

Try dotmobile, if you find it is to your liking then I can refer you and you earn £20 as well!

Hi first post so here goes!

Dial-a-phone have samy d900 or sony s500i or lg ke970 on o2 12 months line rental for £12 a month.

If your quidco tracks you'll get £60 back.

So £7 a month for 200 min and 200 texts and a nice new phone!

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yeah but its still 30 quid a month then cashback.
Is there not any just around £15 straight off, no cashbacks.

Not really bothered about the handset being good, just want a cheap contract phone.

Sorry fessen, but I don't think you read the website and tarrifs correctly. I joined dotmobile because I knew I could speak to the reps easily at my uni and get things sorted on the day.

However what clinched it for me was that they use the Vodafone network, one I've never had coverage problems with.

6 months half price line rental worth up to £150 more (18 month contract.
You choose when you don't pay. Save it for the end of term when you need cash for other stuff or just take it sooner. If you join for 12 months you still get 3 months half price line rental)

Tariffs from £20 to £50 a month.

Vodafone's pay only for first 3 mins and talk for the other 57 mins free on evenings and weekends.

More money back from NUS, about a tenner.

Anyway I suppose I'm listing this for anyone else who is interested in looking.

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Right uni is shortly beckoning.

Is there not just a simple contract 12 month for example. £9.99 200minutes 0 texts(orwhatever), NO CASHBACK, just straight off contract!

The best contract deals are the ones with risk, the risk of forgetting to send in a claim and award the retailers hundreds of pounds they would of have to shell out, if you schedule and follow: hotukdeals.com/for…909 they are easy to maintain.

In terms of direct contracts without cashback claims, best offers tend to be the half price things by 3 or the sim only ones on rolling or contractual periods.

I would recommend O2 sim only deal as their retentions are good.

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so sim only you just get a contract sim, no phone?

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schizoboy how does that last carphone warehouse one work, you pay the £15 but then get it back :S?
explain pleae

The Virgin one is a 6month sim only contract
after you get your 4th bill, you post off the claim stuff needed to CPW, you get a cheque within a month or so normally

In that case, its 6x£15, so you'd get a £90 cheque from CPW, making the 1st 6months free, but nothing to stop you PACing out to another provider once the 6months are up without penalty.

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so after 6 months what happens? I thought it says its a 6 month contract? So after 6 months it doesnt stop?

After the mandatory contractual period, all contracts turn into rolling contracts, ie month by month basis, unless you renew/change your tariff and start a new contractual period.

So with virgin it would just become a rolling contract.

I have 2 contracts on Virgins cable deal (£10/m for 300mins + 300sms) for relatives, both were using Virgin Pay as you go beforehand, when I added those to my virginmobile profile, I merely called VM and told them to shift the PAYG numbers over to the new cable deal tariffs and get rid of the new numbers assigned to the cable deal tariffs, VM are quite flexible in that regard compared to other networks.

Anyways my point is after 6months you can just get another 6month contract like this assuming CPW have this deal going.

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so after 6 months, can you just cancel it all together?


so after 6 months, can you just cancel it all together?


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ok cheers

I have 2 contracts on Virgins cable deal (£10/m for 300mins + 300sms) for relatives

that is the sort of thing i want, for 12 months just pay a 10er no cashback.


that offer has been renewed until October 31st or so I think

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