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Found 21st Nov 2008
my hubbies old 3 phone has finally died!! i currently pay £5 for 200 mins 150 texts,20 picture and video messages and £5 worth of downloads. i know this is fab and i wont beat it. i've been on 3 for years and hav'nt upgraded the phone so they did this deal for me.what do i do now?
ideally he wants a flip or slide phone.
any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.thanks
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Why not check e-bay not sure what they have at the moment but its worth a try.

Good Luck!:santa:
It would depend if he has a good enough contract or not.

If its a good deal then by a cheap 3 pay as you go phone and swap the sims, if not get a new deal with a new phone.

I been with 3 since they been in the uk, last year i wanted a new phone so took a deal, wish i hadn't now and taken the cheapest monthly cost now, i was at the end of my 12 months phoned up for a better deal, now it's to the letter and only what on the list. Nothing special that i can get for being a long loyal customer to what i can get the same as a new user. So canceled and to new 3 contract out via e2save and save £100 plus a new phone to flog.
I'd call 3 and see if they can give you a new phone. The Skype series 2 isn't a bad phone, and I was given one free, whilst keeping my £5 a month tariff.
They can only say 'No'!
thanks- gota £5 contract again for 12 mths with a new sony ericsonk530i great help off all of you. very happy!!
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