Cheap courier to Northern Ireland?

Found 13th Oct 2010
Hi all,

Ive sold an item on ebay and stated UK postage only. N.I is in the UK but the couriers all want surcharges to get there.

Does anybody know a cheap courier service to use before I refund the chaps money?

Cheapest I've found is around £15+vat

Item details:
Weight 6kg
Length 41cm
Width 39cm
Height 69cm

Thanks for your help
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what is the item you are sending? royal mail dont charge any extra for delivery to n.i.
Royal Mail £9.58
Try Parcels 2 go.com they go through couriers give you a rough estimate there and then. I use this website myself for selling items on ebay and find it easy and reasonable prices.
Or try interparcel
only to co a courier site when the item is big and heavy. Otherwise just stick to the royal mail
try parcelforce
Royal mail or parcelforce every time. No N I surcharge and reliable. I know, I live in N Ireland LOL!
Had exactly the same problem, I used collect +. The customer did collect it from his local store; however you can pay a little extra and have it delivered to their home. Did this as well.
Hi guys, Parcels to go, parcel force and parcel monkey etc all wanted around £15+vat. Instead I persuaded my local post office to take it and it cost £10.87

Thanks for all your input

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