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    Just been given a Motherboard [ECS RC410-M] as fitted to a HP Pavilion a1410y Desktop .I need a processor for it and cannot make up my mind on what to get. The mobo supports the following processors:
    Pentium D 9xx Dual Core
    Pentium D 8xx series Dual Core
    Pentium 4 6x1 series
    Pentium 4 6xx
    Pentium 4 5xx
    Celeron D
    I'm after something reasonably fast and cheap .I'm goggle eyed looking at sites for deals.Has anyone come across a good deal that might be suitable ?? cheers


    Well you won't get anything new, it's a three or four year old motherboard.

    They're all power hungry and not particulaly fast, I'd just see what ebay has for a tenner or so.

    It seems, you still can get new e.g.…552 but it's relatively expensive and as EndlessWaves already said, rather sluggish and hot ( = noisy fan unless quality ones used)

    ebay's prices for Pentiums D are not attractive either.

    You should be able to get Pentium 4 2.8-3.0 on ebay for approx.£20-25.

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    Cheers ,I knew it was a dated model and dont want to waste money on it ,but TBH I dont even know if the mobo works ,except the giver said he got it new and it has never been used. So, I would'nt want to sell it without knowing it worked or not . I'll take your advice and opt for an ebay one , just a cheapy to find out if it works ,then sell it on .
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