Cheap Crocs

Anyone know of any stores/online selling the official Crocs for cheapness?
Tries these on for the first time when Lisa was in hospital (having baby Katie), I had to get gowned up and put these on.....must admit there the most comfiest clogs yet lol


chav world? also known as sports direct used to sell them cheap

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Will have a try

There not chav, I think there extemely comfortable


just because you shop in a sports shop your a chav? so if your a runner and you needed new running shoes your a chav ? or or play golf and needed a new golf club your a chav! i think you should brand shops with the word chav just because they sell trackies (and its not just chavs that wear them ) its sad that people judge others on the way they dress!!

soccer world ? think itds the same as sports direct ? Also home bargains do them sometimes

Only surgical staff and children should wear crocs, its just so wrong on adults.

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I'm going to be working offshore and there great for wearing out there

I have 3 pairs of these and they ARE the most comfy shoes ever especially in summer,i got mine from sports direct online they also do some good deals on ebay for brand new ones, they may not look like the best shoes ever but as i have a wide foot with a high instep they certainly are the best for me, and if that makes me a chav so be it x congratulations by the way op x

sports direct are great, i shop there when i can and i certainly am not a chav

Are you male or female, got hubby the Yukon ones last year from eBay for £25, they look more masculine than the simple ones. I find that sports dict only have the plain ones in the ugly colours and odd sizes. crocs last for years anyway so they are sort of like an investment
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