Cheap DDR2 RAM if there's such thing

    I purchased some DDR2 laptop memory PC6400 800mzh over 18 months ago for £36 in total 2x2gb sticks.

    I had a relative ask me today if I could get them some and I was like "yeah sure, I got it for £36 over a year ago so should be a bit cheaper now" lol how wrong was I. The same set is now £70 pound pretty much double the prices, can't believe how much it's gone up.

    I guess it's because DDR3 is becoming popular now so DDR2 is increasing in price just like what happened to DDR when DDR2 was becoming more mainstream.

    To my point does anyone know where I can get some DDR2 memory from at reasonable prices like less than £50 for 2 x2gb sticks.


    Ebuyer are selling Crucial PC6400 800mhz for £28.99 for a 2GB stick. I doubt you'll get decent memory cheaper than that. And, ebuyer's prices tend to change frequently so it may have gone up by later today!
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