Cheap deacent video camera?

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a cheap (around £100) video camera to take on my holidays next month. Nothing amazing, just plenty of recording time (from whatever format) and not too bad image/zoom/sound as I'd like to record the entertainments in the hotel and the penguinarium we're going to (in the Canaries!).

    Any suggestions please?

    Edit: I've just noticed the title. I can spell really *sob*


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    just for you … just for you KittyKate jk)

    Shamefully I have a degree in English! My only defence is that I was rushing at work!

    (Anyone got any camcorder tips please?)

    You'll be struggling to find any camcorder below 100 quid never mind the 'decent'. The closest one is Panasonic NV-GS27 at £133.92 (using Google checkout).
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