Cheap decent Graphics card

    I'm looking for cheap decent graphics card for about £30 to play the latest games and a decent framerate which is more important to me then the actual graphics.

    My PC is a Compaq Presario SR1519UK

    Heres the details……pdf


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    Bump, looking to play world in conflict

    Ermm peeps correct me if im wrong but £30 aint gonna even get u a graphics card capable of playing any recentish games! :oops:

    I suppose this is "a" graphics card.…b/0 (99% sure u have PCI-E From ur specs)

    This is the review for it...…=86

    You will be dissapointed with frame rates unless u spend a fair bit more than this tho! (Bioshock for instance and DIRT may run at very low fps)

    Hope that helps ne ways!


    I would suggest something along the lines of this:


    You see, alot of people buy new entry-level Dell machines, that come with x1300 pro cards. They're not too bad, to be honest, and because people pretty much upgrade them as soon as they receive their machine you can be guaranteed a low-mileage card for not much money!

    I've just received my Dell machine and that's what I'm going to to! Will buy something in the region of £80 for myself and sell my card for around £30.

    Hope it helps


    That is indeed a great budget card, and with a higher spec than the x1300 pro.

    Well spotted.

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    See I want to play the newer games and I dont mind reduces the settings to low . I just want to play at a decent frame rate.

    in your position I would try a "top of the range last year" card, rather than a low budget "this year" card
    Over at you could have a X800 AIW Pcie card for abot £33 delivered if you catch a superspecial.
    this will be similar in performance to a 7600GS card from Nvidia IMHO
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