cheap digital camera

    I need one so I can take pics of all the damage to my flat the landlord hasnt repaired for 2 reasons, 1 so I can tell council and 2 so when I move out I have proof of tidiness of flat etc.

    Not looking for an uber camera just one which wont be blurry for details.


    well whats ur budget?

    Original Poster

    Cheap as possible, but £40 hopefully.

    get one of the kodak refurbs. i think its 30 pounds
    will get link up in a sec

    look at these theres some for 20 and under.…_GB

    hi just to let u know i had the same problem with my house with dampness etc just used my camera phone put pics on pc with usb connection and sent the pictures straight to the cheif executive via email did the job good luck.
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