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Found 14th Sep 2007
Looking for an ideally free domain name with low cost per month hosting. Needs to be able to host eCommerce software and have as many pop3 email boxes as possible.

Any help ?

Cheers :thumbsup:
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Domain names aren't free. If a company offers you one for nothing, it's as a loss-leader, and they will make the funds up elsewhere. High-quality, reliable hosting isn't cheap, either. For a commercial website, it'd be unwise to host it with a host that is poor for uptime, a downtime will cost you sales.

In short, consider a quality host an investment. I'm not saying you should spend £250 a month on hosting, but if you skimp and try and save maybe £2 or £3 a month with hosting, think of what that could cost you in lost sales.
My good friend / unofficial business partner offers a good service.


They can offer custom-made template websites for a few hundred pounds too. They also offer web hosting and email accounts etc. I have worked with fastsites on numerous projects and have been very impressed with the way they go about their business. :thumbsup:
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