Cheap Dr Dre Beats ....Website help

Found 30th Nov 2012
Has anybody used this website? Is it genuine products do you know ?
This looks a great deal if so..…tml
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Tell you straight away its fake. Hong Kong based and only registered for one year on: 12-Nov-2012….uk
Edited by: "simplyjimbo" 30th Nov 2012
Registered on 12th Nov, in Hong Kong!

Buy at your peril
Anybody offering Monster Beats at a significantly reduced price and is not a major retailer should be treated as selling fakes. There might be the rare one that is legitimate but it's not worth the risk because there are so many counterfeiters. You want real Monster Beats, pay the price.
Thank you so much for advice. Much appreciated.
get to comet. someone said they got some solos for £60 odd.
Beats are 30% off at Comet.

Most other headphones are 50%. Definitely worth a look.
All headphones are apparently 50% off at Comet.

All headphones are apparently 50% off at Comet.

You may be right. I just got an email, looks like all stock is now 50%?
Will have to go down again this evening and have a look.
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