cheap DS console?

    my son wants one anyone know where i can get a good offer please.

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    £75.90 delivered, would just need a 2 pin adaptor plug, correct voltage and region free.

    ebay...i bought 2 last christmas for £60 each, both like new!

    I have been looking for a DS Lite and that is definitely the cheapest price new, BUT, if something was to go wrong its probably going to be a hassle to send it back etc.
    For this reason i was thinking about buying it from Argos for peace of mind.
    For £119 you can get The Console+ Any Game+" Essential Accessories", which seems like a good deal depending on how essential these accessories are.…=-1

    I was debating about walking into Game or someplace and seeing if they can beat that price/offer. :giggle:
    Good luck anyway!!

    game online

    console black or white think that only blacks in stock @ the mo but there £99 + free super monkey ball game lol

    Does anyone know if the DS lite comes with a warranty from Nintendo anyway?

    you get he warranty - but NORMALLY most manufactures want a proof of purchase (i.e. vat reg company) - so the ebay sellers sold with warranty is SOMETIMES dubious....

    Gamestation have a price promice. They will match any price within a certain radius of the store

    hi guys, im looking for the cheapest place to buy the nintendo ds that can be delivered as i struggle to get out the house (rules out argos they cant deliver,) don't want to buy second hand from ebay and don't wanna mess about getting other parts like the one at £75 from dvdstars any help much appreciated

    Probably Amazon, £99.99 for a DS Lite or £109.99 for a DS Lite & a game (choice of several)

    Thanks for the information!!Ive just check Gamestation and they have the same deal as Argos so there goes my plan.:whistling:
    I had a look in woolworths today and they are selling the DS + 4 games for £109,all kids games, one of them being Sonic, the rest i have never seen before. Not my Cuppa but ideal for kids.

    Thanks! :thumbsup:

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    thanx i will check woolworths that sounds great.

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    thanx all.

    [url][/url] via…tml only have the DS not the lite on offer with the full pack (at the moment)

    If you go to Gamestation and be fancy with the on-line you can get:

    DS LITE + CRASH BOOM BANG FOR £104.99 + 4.95p&p
    DS LITE + CRASH BOOM BANG + ACCESSORIES PACK + ***Any*** OTHER GAME = £124.95 + £4.95P&p

    + Cash back via [url][/url]

    When I got my DS lite, I got my local Game to pricematch a gamestation deal so that I could use my reward card. The Game 1 year warrenty is supposedly very good as well.
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