cheap ds lite game to buy a 8 year old girl for a present?

Found 7th Mar 2008
any ideas - pink ds lite for Xmas - what games could I buy my niece for it, as her birthday coming up?


My granddaughters are 7 and they love High School Musical and Bratz, i don't know if they do game for these characters though.

Get Nintendogs as its one of the best games on the DS but it may not be appealing to a 8 year old.

Zoo tycoon, Nintendogz

Mario Kart DS 100 % sure she will love it

Imagine babies.

My neice is 7 and she loves cooking mama

animal crossing!



Original Poster

thanks everyone

Late entry!

My daughter liked My Animal Centre in Africa

get her a R4, edge etc cart and she can have all those games

Get M3/R4/TTDS and don't worry about choosing games!
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