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Found 31st Jul 2014
Hi guys I just bought a new home and need to sort out my utilities. I have found it can be cheaper to get gas and electrics cheaper if i get them seperately rather than dual fuel with 1 supplier. I have ordered daligas which is alot cheaper than any other supplier and has good reviews. Im not sure about electricity though as there is a company called isupplyenergy which is cheapest but theres hardly any reviews on them. Has anyone used them and were there any problems?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Depends on your usage, really.

As it's a new place you'll need to figure out how much you use. Choose any decent supplier for the first year. Once you have a year's worth of data you can get a feel for how much gas/elec you use, then plumb these figures into the comparison tools found on MSE and they will tell you who is cheapest supplier based on how much you use. The cheapest isn't necessarily the best though, I'd still go with a reputable, well known supplier even if it's a little pricier. I think the difference for me was £30/year between some unknown company and NPower, so I went for them, it was still £250 cheaper than what I was on previously though.

I do this every 2 years or so and our bills have actually come down despite rates rising. Sometimes you don't even have to switch supplier. Went from one tariff to another one with the same company for less money
I signed up to First Utility when purchasing our first house in June. Currently paying £62 a month, fixed for 2 years based on the average UK price for a 3 bedroom home. Our usage will be a lot less so I'm expecting a refund when we eventually move into the property if we ever get it all sorted!
for gas i have gone with daligas and electrics i gone with OVO. Works out cheaper. Thanks
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