Cheap Epson Compatible Cartidges.

Found 14th Oct 2006
What is the cheapest website for Epson compatible cartridges. The printer I want cartridges for is an Epson Stylus Photo R240.
Thanks, Anthony
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could be cheaper, its just the first place i found on a search
Hi there,

These guys are definitely the cheapest by far: ukdvdr.co.uk/sho…tml

didnt realise they were the same as the rx series

and here ]http//ww…uk/

you aint gonna get cheaper than the sites mentioned

Hi there,These guys are definitely the cheapest by far: … Hi there,These guys are definitely the cheapest by far: http://www.ukdvdr.co.uk/shop/R240-R245-RX420-RX425-RX520-c-274.html99p!

Thank, they are very cheap.
However, the cartridges in the pictures look strange compared to what they should be like.The chip is at the front when it should be at the back and they have a raised part at the front when there shouldn't be.
Hi, I have an Epson Stylus printer and use compatible cartridges.

I use and definately recommend, ]http//ww…com

They are great quality cartridges:-D
[url]www.redhotbargains.co.uk[/url] are cheapest, but they are down at the moment, and have been for a while!

These have always been extremely quick with delivery and cartridges have worked well.
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