Cheap Fake Clothing?

Found 6th Oct 2008
I was looking round the high-street the other day with a view to buying a half decent hooded top with my student loan, but the cheapest half decent ones were £60+, i recently bought a decent fake football shirt from here; http://www.*******.com/cart/category.asp?cid=8 for peanuts...

So im wondering if theres a similar site for fakes of other types of clothing?

Yes i am a cheapskate, lol
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mandmdirect arent fakes but some nice gear cheap or just try TK Maxx
how about LV coin purse?
dont buy fakes. try republic?
I've never understood that - why bother with fake?

If the designer / brand matters to you, then surely walking around in fake is a bit, well, deflating.

Wouldn't it be better to just buy decent quality stuff that has no designer aspirations, until you can afford whatever designer bling lights your candle?
try alibaba.com you can get anything off this site
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