(Cheap) fitness trackers and fitness apps

Posted 24th Apr
Hi guys

I’m pondering about whether to purchase a fitness tracker or not.

One question is, do some of these cheaper fitness trackers connect to apps such as endomondo or runkeeper via Bluetooth so I can start workouts and get data such as heart rate and it syncs to my phone?

Thanks in advance.
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It really does depend on which device you buy. Some do, and some don't - you'll need to check which is which.
My personal advice is to check out Garmin & Polar. Look at each product & decide which of the fancy gadgets/gimmickery you really want (e.g. Do you need/want to know how stairs you climbed during the day? Do you need to know split times?). If the prices are too steep then at least you have an idea of what you want & can start looking for comparable cheaper watches.

I started with a fairly basic Polar watch, as the web support is great and it comes with its own phone app. You can also link your Polar account with the likes of Strava. I told the Polar program that I wanted to run a half-marathon on a specific date and it devised a training programme for me, that adjusted automatically based on my progress. It also gave me an idea of my race time based on my training so far.
mi band 4 is a great fitness tracker and is very cheap, especially when they come on sale from china
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