Cheap flight to malaga! help!!

    hey all, i know you are the experts in the deal finding field so i thought id post my problem here

    i need a cheapish flight to malaga for 6 people

    the dates are between the 01 - 14 july 06 - departing either the first second thurd or fourth

    anyone know of any airlines going direct from belfast to malaga? the best deal i can get even indirect is from belfast to liverpool to malaga for appro £1100 with easyjet

    seems quite steep and im jus wondering if anyone knows other airlines offering the same route at a competitive price

    any replies will be gratefuly appreciated and well worthy of karma!!



    that's [url][/url]
    at £ 1056.00
    belfast intl [BFS] Sun 02 July 06 22:00
    to malaga [AGP] Sun 09 July 06 00:00

    (But they haven't mentioned those fuel charges - so check this further)

    doesn't seem to be much cheaper anywhere for those dates.

    I'll have another wee look, but that's all so far. Living in northern ireland is a bitch sometimes.

    or £1050 from'll have to do a search for flights departing on the 02nd july to the 10th july.

    Outbound Flight Sunday, 2nd July 2006 22:00 - Departs from Belfast … Outbound Flight Sunday, 2nd July 2006 22:00 - Departs from Belfast Interna 02:00 - Arrives at Malaga BD7875 - Outbound Flight Number British Midlands - Carrier Inbound Flight Monday, 10th July 2006 03:00 - Departs from Malaga 05:05 - Arrives at Belfast Interna BD7876 - Inbound Flight Number British Midlands - Carrier

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