Cheap flight to Salt Lake City around Sept/Oct this year

    I'm looking for a Cheap return flight to Salt Lake City around Sept/Oct this year. Doesn't really matter about the depature airport (within reason, I live in South Wales - so no Scottish airports lol) and my dates are totally flexible as I would be staying with family/friends.

    Does anyone know of any deals?:)


    I had to book flight last year to SLC, there are (or were) no direct flights from the UK, I think we were having to go via Denver.
    It was cheaper to go to Denver or LV and either drive or get the train to SLC.

    Without sounding rude I don't think anyone on here is going to scan any date from any airport looking for the cheapest flight for you as that would be a fair bit of work

    I would suggest you put 'flight comparisons' into google and go from there. That is all most people are going to do on here anyway.

    If you had a specific time and depature point to aim for I am sure there would be more for the team to look at.
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