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Found 8th May 2005
Hi. Does anybody know of any really cheap flights?? I don't really care where I go, but USA would be very nice. Europe is also a nice possibility.

Any help would be appreciated.
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[color=darkblue]You can get a £25 discount from EUJet:[/color] [color=blue]CLICK HERE - CHEAP FLIGHTS[/color] [color=darkblue]Discount T+Cs: Valid until 18th April 2005 - Fly before 31st May 2005 - Online offer only - No Purchase Neccessary.[/color]

Valid until 18th April 2005

LOL. Rayman, you didn't even read your own post!! Ha ha ha. :lol:
Hmm... :pirate: I see no ships [flights even :cry: ]

:thumbsup: Next time, I remove the patch :lol:
go to moneysavingexpert.com and click on the flight checker - that may help
Thanks. I'm not desperate, but I saw an offer for flights a while ago (99p) and EasyJet's £35 ones look good. Do they still do those?? We haven't been abroad in ages. I know people who I can stop with in France and America, and so it would be good if I could just get a ded cheap flight. Will try moneysavingexpert some time.
Just to let you know, we've discussed moving to Ohio or France, LOL. I don't think it will ever happen, but still want to go there for a holiday. Properties abroad are very cheap compared to over here. We'd have lots of spending money!!
i go abroad every school hol ( half terms as well) - not cos i am wealthy - cos i use this site for my flights "www.skyscanner.net" if you are really flexible then you can get down to £8 return to rome / prague etc. i use nowt else for flights. if you want hotels then use it in tandem with "www.venere.com" cheap as chips!!! as David would say
god luck! btw skyscanner have an international section as well as the european. if u live up north go from teeside - off the plane and in the car in about 10 mins!!!!!!!!!!!
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