Cheap flights and car hire required for the summer holiday in Turkey

    Hey everyone, i thought this could be useful to anyone else looking to go on holiday but has yet to have booked.

    I basically need a flight from Stanstead for 2 adults and 1 eleven year old child to Bodrum in Turkey for around the middle of june and to return after 7 days and would appreciate any advise for the cheapest tickets from a reputable seller.

    We're also after car hire as well, so if anyone can advise, it would be greatly appreciated.
    I've already got my eye on a 4* double roomed B&B hotel, which is under £70 for the duration of the trip for all 3 of us but the only downfall is, it's 110km away from the airport, which is why car hire will be crucial.

    If anyone can also advise on any venues to visit for a great time, it would be great.

    Thanks in advance to any advice offered. :thumbsup:


    try [url][/url]. i always find they have good prices on flight and car hire, although i have only used it in relation to the us. I've never been to turkey so can't help there.

    would seriously advise against driving in turkey...the roads are a nightmare and they all drive like maniacs (ive been in a car that actually nudged other cars to make them move)...a taxi or a dolmus will get u where u want to go for next to nothing

    Hi have you tried [url][/url]

    Try [url][/url] I have always found them to be the cheapest. Very reliable.

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    Thanks for the advice on carhire, many people have advised us from steering clear of driving (no punn intended ) due to the poor lighting and lack of barriers on dangerous roads, which is even more worrying with the dangerous drivers around.

    We've managed to find flights at £129pp and very cheap hotel for the 3 of us but we're yet to decide on which ones out of a few selective ones due to distance from the airport and attractions.

    Can anyone also advise on what they would recommend doing as activities/attractions in Bodrum or surrounding areas.

    Thanks for all the help offered.

    You should try a taxi transfer -



    They have reasonable prices (i think anyway)

    Hope this helps

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    You should try a taxi transfer - … You should try a taxi transfer - [url][/url][url][/url]They have reasonable prices (i think anyway)Hope this helps

    Surely the prices on the site can't be right, according to them, a half hour taxi ride will cost over £60 (£62.40 over £2 per minute, which seems much more expensive than london prices) and if we're going to be traveling everywhere with a cab, i hate to think how much spending money we'll then need.
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