cheap flights from london to new york (return)

    anyone know any good websites to get the cheapest flight deals from london to new york return?

    ps. wow i really like this place! full of goodies :-D thanks everyone


    I book through continental airways (the American site) using an American card. Managed to get return flights for the equivalent of 150 :thumbsup: english pounds last thanksgiving:-D

    If you can give me some details I will see what the best deals around are. When are you looking to go? How long for and how many people?

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    engadine > i want to go on the 2nd March to 7th March 2007 for one person

    whats the price difference around those dates?

    Cheapest I can see is £197.10 however thought it was too good not to have a catch! It is not a direct flight there is an aircraft change each way at Detroit, each way it is just over an hour in Detroit. The flights are with Northwest Airlines leaving Gatwick at 1345 and arriving in New York (Newark)at 2047

    The cheapest direct flight I can see is £250.20 with Delta Airlines leaving Gatwick at 1100 and arriving in New York (JFK) at 1410, there is a change of aircraft in Cincinnati on this one, an hour between flights on this one.

    The cheapest direct flight both ways £272.30 with BA from Heathrow 0820arriving in New York (JFK) 1050

    Found all of them on [url][/url]

    Hope these are of some use

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    thanks man.. not too sure about BA.. they are having strikes and all.. lol

    i'll check out an agent tmo to compare.. cheers

    Travel agents will charge you a booking fee for flights. Agents not make next to nothing on flights so have to charge a fee so as they are making money. The BA cabin crew strikes have been called off so everything should be ok there!
    Hope you get something sorted
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