Cheap Flights From Manchester To Orlando - Direct Only

    Looking for flights to orlando from manchester where or what is the best thing to do for this? Must be direct.

    Around march/april time

    Thanks for your time


    Thompson fly go from manchester to orlando sanford they were relatively reasonably priced when we flew with them. Sanford imo is much better than orlando international as it's much much smaller so it's much quicker to do immigration and collect your car etc. Beware though as you have to add on bags taxes etc. I'd go with them again last time we flew with northwest via detroit and it was a dreadful experience but we were going christmas time so we did it to save some money BIG mistake with a 12 month old baby. Flight prices seem to be huge at the moment you may find it cheaper to get a package but not use the accomodation if you don't want it I saw offers with a car a lot last yr which worked out cheaper than booking the flights alone. Good luck and have a fab time

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    thanks guys:)
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