Cheap flights to Florida?

    Looking for a sept or oct 17 flight from the U.K. To Florida. Doesn't have to be on a specific date. At the moment Norwegian air is the cheapest, but I'm a bit sceptical about being no frills. What's the next cheapest option? Are prices likely to drop at all!




    Is it just a one way flight? Any particular airport you need to go from?

    I've been tracking prices around that time for a couple of months now. Check out they use Virgin but slot cheaper. The 31st of October is the cheapest date by far! Good luck!

    Norweigan operates a dreamliner flight so it's very comfortable even in cattle class...
    Don't forget quidco when booking!!

    I went similar time in 2016. Buddies went with Norwegian and noted flights were OK but defintiely budget feel with additional cost for meals etc. I booked with Thomson few weeks prior to departure when the prices dipped; Thomson meals etc are inclusive and cost was marginally less than Norwegian on same aircraft type (Dreamliner). Buddies dropped me at Orlando Sandford Airport for return journey and were amazed at the lack of queues compared to Orlando International Airport used by Nowegian. Maybe I was lucky?
    There is a generic Thomson UK-US (Sandford) flight search URL as below that identifies what is on offer. Standard Thomson prices are not low but that URL comes into its own a few weeks prior to departure when you can easily see how Thomson is applying significant discounts to shift remaining seats. Fairly obvious how to adapt the text of the URL to fit your requirements. Eg <> means October. <> would be September; <> extends searched month on true, narrows on false; <> means minimum 15 nights; etc
    HUKD affiliate corrupts clickable link so you need to copy and paste the text string into your browser address bar (that's address bar, not search bar).…lse

    what price have u found at the moment as the cheapest.

    Keep going on sky scanner and price it up, we paid £1500 for 4 adults this Jan, when I booked it in September. It's now showing £2500 for next Jan. That's flying virgin. Coming over tho we had 200 empty seats. So u would think they would just discount them down to sell.

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    what price have u found at the moment as the cheapest.

    Cheapest flights so far are £320 with Norwegian air.


    Don't forget quidco when booking!!

    Not any more;
    "Unfortunately we can no longer offer cashback with this merchant. Please browse our alternative merchants or search above."

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