Cheap Flights to Granada

Found 8th Feb 2010

once again, we're gona attempt to go away, so long as no one else is sick, in hospital or dies in my family!! :-o

We want to fly out on the 4th of April and return on the 11th. 2 Adults and 3 children. Has to be DIRECT flight to Granada as my two children are aged 5 and 3. :-s
We also need to fly out from London.

I have found the most beautiful Villa and really cheap but the flighs are riddiculous!

Plz plz plz help, i always leave rep x

Many thanx
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To get cheap flights you need to be really really flexible with dates. Any chance for you to change the date of the villa? If so you can then try [url]www.skyscanner.com[/url] for cheap flights.
I have just had a quick look for you. Ryanair are now doing direct flights to Granada. The only London airport is Stansted though. The four of you could go for about £450 which is a really good price these days. But as I said before if you can be flexible on the dates you can get maybe even better prices. Good luck!
Thank you:thumbsup:

Flexibilty is the problem, the villa is only available Sunday to Sunday, so the 4th-11th is the only time we can go during the Easter holiday, as the last week is too tight with school and work commitment.:?

I just checked Ryan Air, how did you get £450ish?? I get £771.30 to get there and 299.95 coming back. Thats £1071.25. :w00t::w00t::w00t:

And that's for 2 adults and 3 children (one child 14)
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