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Found 10th Jan 2009
Hi guys, decided to go on holiday on 1st April until 19th April. Im looking for cheap flights preferably from Birmingham to Amritsar (but these are hard to come by), the alternative is Birmingham to Delhi. They dont have to be direct. The dates are not flexible at all. Any information would be very helpful.
Thankyou in advance for your help.

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I take it you have tried Opodo, Expedia, Lastminute etc?

The cheapest fares may well be from London to the destinations you are talking about with new routes being recently opened by 'new' Indian airlinesfrom Heathrow.

Emirates or Qatar may offer good fares, but you would have to change in the UAE.

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Cheers, Wil Lcheck Those



Some good rates on them..Let us know if you manage to get any good rates.


Sometimes [url]www.kayak.co.uk[/url] is a good multi-search tool


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Try [url]www.cheapflights.co.uk[/url]Some good rates on … Try [url]www.cheapflights.co.uk[/url]Some good rates on them..[COLOR="Red"]Let us know if you manage to get any good [/COLOR]rates.Skippy

Booked direct with KLM. £300 return, leaving on 1st april returning on 21st April, Birmingham to Delhi. Thanks for the help guys. :thumbsup:

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