Cheap flights to Pisa/Florence? Alternatives to Skyscanner?

    Hi folks,

    I'm trying to book a return flight to Florence or Pisa for January, ideally from Birmingham or London. I used to use Skyscanner, but I wonder if you know any better alternative. Thanks.


    I had similar problems for may. Ended up booking flights to bolonga which is about an hour from Florence

    try momondo on your phone, also take flightscanner with a pinch of salt it can say 300£ but when you click on it could be 200£ or 400£ as they are are only updates every so often so best to just select days to go for example if you want to go for a week in jan, do 1-8, 2-9, ect and look for cheapest when you click on the days and it loads, i use to love skyscanner but its got lot worst over the years and now i find gives you higher prices if you keep looking at certain places cause they know you want to go (so maybe put browser in icgognito) or private browsing

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    OK, thanks all. At the end I decided to use Ryanair, although a bit reluctant because I don't really like that Michael O'Leary git!

    have you tried kayak ? they get some good deals
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