Cheap Foam Needed!

    This is a bit unusual - I need some pieces of foam (say 2 squares of about 30-40 in and 3-4 in thick) to dress up a friend as a sandwich (we're campaining for cheaper sandwiches in our university's shops).

    You'd think foam would be something relatively cheap, but most sources are ridiculously expensive - there are services that cut upholstery foam to shape, but it costs a fair bit, and we're ona shoestring budget.

    Any ideas where I could get something like this cheaply? Alternatives welcome. (thought of sticking some camping mats together, using an old mattress, anything...)



    Couple of settee cushion inards from your local tip?

    Ask your local freecycle?

    Local Comet/Currys ect. poly packaging from their white goods (paint it)?

    Making sandwiches out of your friends is a bit extreme, foam doesn't taste that nice either...

    Why don't you just make your own sandwiches (real ones) if it's such an issue?

    Try local firms that do re-upholstery/furniture repairs etc, they usually throw loads away.

    Why do you want to buy packet sandwiches, laced with the bogies of a bored temp. worker, when you could make your own?

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your advice, it's greatly appreciated; I will try and check out some of the places mentioned tomorrow.

    As for sandwich making vs. sandwich-purchasing, I am well aware of the advantages of the former. Being a student, however; my fridge is poorly stocked at the best of times and awkward scheduling means there's no way I'm getting home for lunch most days. The idea of the campaign is actually to provide more healthy sandwiches cheaply - for the benefit of poorer students, and so that people choose them over the unhealthy options (crisps+mars bar is cheaper than a sandwich).

    Also, believe it or not, but I have been the bored temp worker making sanwiches, and I do pity the poor souls who have to make the 2,500 or so that our student union sells every day.

    You sound a bit silly.

    Original Poster

    Oh, but it is silly.
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