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Found 14th Sep 2005
About 2 years ago I found a website where I could buy geniune football shirts at stupidly cheap prices - I bought an Italy & Argentina top for a total of £30. I think that they were imported from Asia or something.

I can't find the site any more and I was wondering if anyone on here knew of it?? I think it was based in Cardiff.
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Was it jagsuk.com? I haven't ordered from them, but I'd be interested in any feedback.
Their prices look very good, so I be cautious about what quality to expect.
Also, I tried requesting their catalogue and get an error, which doesn't inspire confidence.
Hi there - first post for me, I thought you may be intersted in an ebay seller that sells new ORIGINAL football shirts at very reasonable prices. I have bought from this seller on two occasions as well as recommending them to several mates at my football club - all orders have been delivered without any problems. The seller is nothing to do with me but could well recommend you having a look:

Your best bet is ebay. If you want the original item put the name of the team and the make, eg Barcelona Nike. Otherwise you get the asian imports,
awaykit.co.uk I bought two shirts from there a few weeks back. May not be the cheapest but not far off and can vouch that they are geniune
No doubt made in a sweatshop with kids earning 50p a day with quality to reflect.
its gotta be kitbag, you can get 20% discount to if you follow this link
Trainers maybe, but most shirts from Nike, Adidas, etc are made in the UK or Portugal, not sweat shops, and the quality is great.
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