Cheap fruity aftershave/perfume?

Found 14th Dec 2017
Hi does anyone know any good cheap fruity aftershave/perfume for men? Pref under £20. The lower the better. Appreciate the help thanks ;D
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Paul Smith is quite nice and light for the money. Usually pretty cheap
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The David beckham fragrances are really cheap and not overpowering can get 50ml bottles for £8 in fragrancedirect and wilko.
Fragrancedirect also have joop jump 50ml spray for £14 that's really fruity
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X-bolt from Lidl basically a cheap hugo boss that last quite a qhile
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Try next aftershave.... all under £20 and smell great
I agree with the next ones. They’re good quality and nice and cheap. Often dupes for more expensive fragrances too.…ext
I really like cerrutti 1881 currently half price at £26 at Boots. 100ml but a timeless fragrance
Someone has already suggested xbolt from Lidl but they also have a nice new one called No1 and at the moment 3 or 4 other ones on offer. All under £5. The No1 smelled quite nice. The other ones were a mixed bag. Some I liked more than others. If you have a store nearby, might be worth popping in for a whiff-test?

Regards, Phsy.
Cerruti 1881 under £20 at Tesco Direct. Also Cerruti 1881 Sport is about £15 from Home Bargains and Semi Chem and is lovely.
Joop has to be the best for fruit fragrance imo, some decent deals at boots.
D&G no.3 is a very nice peach scent, not sure if it's less than £20 though.
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